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The Legendary Raid Bus

The Legendary Pokémon Raid Bus was created to help support the Pokémon community at large all over the United States. We partner with many local community organizers, volunteers and trainers to provide the best raiding and Pokémon experience we can. Beginner, moderate and advanced trainers can all find something unique and appealing on the bus.

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Our Team

Philip Loyd @philofaustin#1989 


John Lochmann @MrDrBatman#2340 


Jared Hall @MephistoWolf#2704 

Volunteer Coordinator

Kiara Ninos @slygrrl#6726 

Events Coordinator

Lindsey Staples @VeggieTex#6924 

Ops Admin

Sara Hall @FancyDancyMaho#0117 

Content Writer & Merch Manager

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Cities Served

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Local Volunteers

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12372 +

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