The Armored Mewtwo Raid Bus!

By Raid Bus Raleigh, NC

This event has ended.


The Legendary Raleigh Raid Bus is BACK!

This month features the return of MEWTWO, but armored up this time!!! This event usually sells out quick, so get your tickets ASAP if you want to join the party. See you soon, Trainers!


Hop on the Raid Bus and team up with friends to take down Pokemon GO Legendaries. No matter your level or experience we guarantee you'll have a blast!

  • 50 trainer capacity
  • Team or friend specific raid groups
  • Power outlets in every seat
  • Free bottled water & snacks
  • On-board bathroom

DRIVER TIPPING: Please, please, please bring cash to tip our drivers! It's customary to tip $2-3 per person for drivers.


Wall charger (Bring long cables if you are in a non outlet seat) • Portable power bank • Food • Beverages • Raid Passes (12-16) • Lucky eggs


Ask away on our Discord or Facebook Group! We're most actively updating status reports and notifying members of any last minute changes in realtime, so it's always the best place to go when lost. You can also mention @teamleader in your #city channel on the RaidHQ Discord to get our immediate attention, or join us in the Monsterhunt discord!


CANCELLATION POLICY: We need to hit at least to 50% capacity each day to run these events. If minimum capacity is not met 48hrs prior to start time, we will cancel and refund all tickets. We're doing everything we can to keep this thing fun and affordable, so thanks in advance for your understanding!

SOME WALKING MAY BE INVOLVED! We always try to hit all our raids solely from the bus, but there ARE times when we do have to get off and walk a bit. If walking/standing for extended periods of time is hazardous to your health, you are always welcome to stay on the bus or hand off your phone to someone to help you get in on the raid. We just don't want to put anyone in danger playing Pokemon GO.*