Playa Pity Party- Leave a Trace

By Raid Bus Playa Pity Party

This event has ended.


Leave a trace The Final Pity Party

We’ve been leaving traces for the past half a decade. It’s time to make it official. This year we spoof the dirtiest of BM Principles and make it beautiful. Leave No Trace. It’s fitting that we saved this one for last. You know, for the legacy or whatever.

Humanity craves immortality. It’s why we have children, create religions with after life salvations, invest in medical research, write books, cut albums, make art, put our names on buildings, collect fortunes, have grave markers or even funerals for that matter. We don’t want to die. We want to live on forever. We want our names etched in the stone wall annum charting the progress of society and culture through the ages with a footnote next to it that says, “This one did something important.” We want the glory of Shakespeare, the philanthropic memory of the Rockefellers, the footstep path where Jesus carried our fat asses. We WANT to leave a Trace.

So let’s do that.

Let’s plant a garden. Nay, let’s plant some trees. Lets sprinkle wildflower seeds along the pathway of life and hope they blossom.

Leaving a place cleaner than you found it is actually leaving a Trace, so let’s clean up. There is no trash. It’s not allowed. There is only Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). Let’s put that Matter Into Place (MIP). Recycling is a joke unless you reduce and reuse anyway. Let’s reduce and reuse and recycle and upcycle and reclaim and reconfigure and innovate. We have the technology. Let’s smelt the aluminum into trinkets, tumble the glass into mosaics, twist plastics into jewelry, make new paper from old paper, and reuse from refuse.

Let’s build a cemetery. Putting a marker on the corporeal remains leaves the trace of a memory. Bring out your ashes, dead pets, bones, and old teeth. Bury them in the ground with a tombstone for your treasure map.

Let’s make some art and hide it in the bushes for the adventurous passerby to find. Let’s create an effigy that doesn’t burn all the way, but leaves a sculpted remnant behind.

Let’s train a new group of volunteers into leaders.

Let’s leave a positive trace.