Trapinch Community Day Bus!

By Raid Bus Houston, TX

This event has ended.


This month's Community Day 'mon features Trapinch/Flygon, everyone's favorite ground/dragon-type from the Hoenn region. This ultra rare Pokémon requires 125 candies to evolve to Flygon, so be sure to stock up on as many of these critters as possible while you can – you won't regret it!

Featured Raid Boss: Shiny Altered Forme Giratina

Community Day (11am-2pm)

Encounter, catch, hatch and spin more stops as the bus circles the most PokeStop-dense spots all over town (slowly... very slowly). With awesome music, movies, contests, and prizes; this event is by far the coolest way to participate in Community Day!

Legendary Raiding (2pm-4pm)

Refuel after community day by hitting a few legendary raids with friends. We usually hit 3-5 raids per hour, which leaves plenty of time between stops for evolving those shiny CD pokemon you caught. How convenient!