Community Day- TBA

By Raid Bus Austin, TX


This month's Community Day 'mon has yet be be announced but that doesn't mean we can't get ready for fun! Event will be updated as soon as the featured Pok'emon and Legendary Raid Boss are announced!

Featured Raid Boss: TBA

Community Day (11am-2pm) Encounter, catch, hatch and spin more stops as the bus circles the most PokeStop-dense spots all over town (slowly... very slowly). With awesome music, movies, contests, and prizes; this event is by far the coolest way to participate in Community Day!

Legendary Raiding (2pm-4pm) Refuel after community day by hitting a few legendary raids with friends. We usually hit 3-5 raids per hour, which leaves plenty of time between stops for evolving those shiny CD pokemon you caught. How convenient!