Cobalion Raid Bus!

By Raid Bus Austin, TX

This event has ended.


Cobalion, the Iron Will Pokémon, is coming to five-star raids! This Steel- and Fighting-type Legendary Pokémon is said to have a body and heart of steel, so it’s in your favor to challenge it with Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type Pokémon.


American Cancer Society

A portion of all Raid Bus event proceeds is going to benefit The American Cancer Society until January 1st 2020. We're on a mission to generate at least $5k in donations (we're nearly up to $500 so far!), but we need your help spreading the word. The more tickets we sell, the more we can donate – Let's kick cancer's butt!


  • 50+ trainer raids (10-15 raids per tour)
  • 3 dedicated team leaders calling out battle codes
  • Power outlets & A/C controls for all
  • Raffle prizes
  • Music & movies


  • Raid passes, Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces
  • Phone charger
  • Personal Snacks & Drinks
  • Punctuality - The bus leaves no later than 10m after start time


Ask away on our Discord or Facebook Group! We're most actively updating status reports and notifying members of any last minute changes in real time, so it's always the best place to go when lost. You can also message your @leaders on Discord to get our immediate attention.


CANCELLATION POLICY: We need to hit at least 60% capacity each tour to run these events. If minimum capacity is not met 48hrs prior to start time, we will cancel and refund all tickets. We're doing everything we can to keep this fun and affordable, so thanks in advance for your understanding!

SOME WALKING MAY BE INVOLVED! We always try to hit our raids solely from the bus, but there ARE times when we do have to get off and walk a bit. If walking/standing for extended periods of time is hazardous to your health, you are always welcome to stay on the bus or hand off your phone to someone to help you get in on the raid. We just don't want to put anyone in danger playing Pokemon GO.*

REFUND POLICY: Can’t make it to the bus? We will gladly refund or transfer tickets up to 48 hours prior to event date. Ticket transfers can be made up until the time of the event for a future bus.*

ALCOHOL POLICY: Alcoholic beverages may be allowed on your bus if permitted by local/state law. No persons under the age of 21 are permitted to consume or bring alcohol on the bus. No open alcoholic beverage may be taken off the bus during the tour. Excessive drinking is not allowed. Participants must be in full control of faculties at all times. Violators of this policy will be removed from the bus with no refund. Check your local/state laws for more details.

Wanna Be a Volunteer?

We are always looking for good people to help us make the bus as fun and safe as possible. Available volunteer roles:

Navigation Leader

Someone needs to be on top of scanning for raids and sharing locations with the bus driver. This role is perfect for the experienced raider that's super familiar with gyms in their area, knows which gyms are "bus friendly", and knows how to make effient raiding routes that keep the party rolling on schedule.

Party Leader

This is the life of the bus! The Party Leader is responsible for ensuring that everyone on the bus knows the rules, knows the timeline and has fun. This includes awful jokes, playing music/movies, and of course helping give away prizes! This role is great for you extroverts or anyone who enjoyes some Karaoke!

Volunteer Sign-up Form