Legendary Raid Bus - TBA

By Raid Bus Austin, TX


Greetings Trainers!

Come join us for the most awesome adventure you can imagine on a bus! In an effort to help our trainers schedule around their busy lives we are announcing our bus dates further in advance! This allows both riders and volunteers the opportunity to plan along side of us! Buses will run the 2nd Saturday and last Sunday of every month. If there happens to be a conflict on that date, user will be notified via email and the calendar will be undated.

What Kind of Event Will This Be?

Time will tell trainers! As soon as we get word from the powers that be we will make the announcement and update the event description. BUT! We guarantee there whatever the event, we will bring the fun and the raiding!


The Raid Bus donates a portion of the proceeds from every bus to a national charity! This charity changes on a quarterly basis but rest assured, we will make sure the cause is worth supporting. Wanna have a voice in which charity we select? Join us in the RAID HQ Facebook group here. RaidBus HQ Facebook Group

Wanna Be a Volunteer?

We are always looking for good people to help us make the bus as fun and safe as possible. Available volunteer roles:

Navigation Leader

Someone needs to be on top of scanning for raids and sharing locations with the bus driver. This role is perfect for the experienced raider that's super familiar with gyms in their area, knows which gyms are "bus friendly", and knows how to make effient raiding routes that keep the party rolling on schedule.

Party Leader

This is the life of the bus! The Party Leader is responsible for ensuring that everyone on the bus knows the rules, knows the timeline and has fun. This includes awful jokes, playing music/movies, and of course helping give away prizes! This role is great for you extroverts or anyone who enjoyes some Karaoke!

Volunteer Sign-up Form